Tournament 2on2 MP Tournament 2017

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2on2 MP Tournament 2017

We will collect Players for a nice Live MP tournament.
The Tournament is limited to 16, thank on all joined players!
When you find a player, please join the tournament with this link
==> here

For more interest, players shall increase the price pool with 3 Euro (or more), they can add it within
a paypal process, but it is no duty. After it, the winning team can catch a price.
==> here

We plan to play this tournament on MP Mod from griffith. Judge is griffith, markymark too.

Matchmaking -> Use generated game and annouce your dates. You shall use it, because we
need to find dates for four players.
You shall use internal messenger, and use steam.
Write in game, when you have problems to find a date, we try what we can, maybe with a replacement player.

Amount of games are limited to three.
In every game a team has to use a different class and race.
Player can only use the same race once in the whole tournament, and the same class only once in the whole tournament also!

The Tournament is limited to 8 Teams, we can increase to 16, when we find much players.

Further settings are:
- Simultaneous Turns
- Turn Timer: 4min
- Map Size: Medium without UG
- Map Kind: Land
- Start town: Village
- Starting units: Average
- Starting distance: Far
- Roads: Few
- Roaming units: Average
- Treasures: Average
- Cities: Few
- Dwellings: Few
- Resource structures: Many
- Visit structure: Average
- Treasure structures: Many
- All sliders left untouched at standard 50 %

- Each Player is given a team number (two different teams, one for each competitor)
- Seal Victory: 60 turns
- Unifier Victory: at 2 Beacons
- Tactical Combat Mode * Against AI: Autocombat
                       * Against Humans : always manual combat 
- Game speed: Normal
- Starting Resource: Standard
- Starting Skills: Normal
- All Heroes Have Resurgence: Never
- Defenders Strength: Normal
- Cosmic Events: Medium
- Maximum Number of Heroes: 3 (1 Leader + 3 heroes)

- Map Exploration: On
- City Founding: On
- Random heroes match player race: On
- Empire Quests: Off

1. One round cannot exceed 4 weeks. If neither of the players won 4 week after
the start of the round, then one should surrender and take a screenshot of
the score and provide it to the judges. The team with the highest (combined) score then wins the match.
If scores are very close, the judges can decide that it is a draw and ask the players to replay
the game with a shorter (for instance 1 week) deadline.

2. Players can arrange whatever settings (e.g. no dwellings) they choose, but in the absence of consensus,
the settings described in the “In-Game settings” above are to be considered the default.
The team hosting the game is automatically and randomly chosen by the Battlefield website.
If for any reason (e.g. no DLC), the designated host team cannot host the game, then the other team does.
The host must take screenshots, preferably in windowed mode (showing the date and hour when the screenshots were taken),
of the settings and post them publicly (so that his opponent and the judges can access them) before the match starts.

3. If one player temporarily cannot play in the week of the round (e.g. because of holidays, or personal issues),
and warn the opponent reasonably in advance, then the player will lost the game, when a reserve date can not be found.

4. if the game is crashing, the game is to relaod between 10 min, or the player will lost game who will not appear.

5. When the game can not played, a third player have to host the game.

6. Banter and taunting is allowed, rudeness, swearing and racial (or other prejudicial) language is not. Repeatedly trolling will lead to forfeiting the match.

7. The decision of the Judges is to be respected. Players breaking the rules get a total of 3 warnings before being disqualified from the tournament entirely. Judges may disqualify a player without warnings if their behaviour is deemed to be completely out of order (e.g. racism).

8. Player must play the latest version of the game and the mod (exclude of Beta).

9. In case of disconnection on early turns (before turn 10), save the game. Player who didn't disconnect gets to decide whether to remake the game or reload from save. If it's unclear which side disconnected, then reload from save.

10. In case of disconnection on important battle, save the game. Player who didn't disconnect gets to decide whether to redo the fight, do the fight autoresolve or disband previously dead units on both sides. If it's unclear which side disconnected, call judge.

11. If you feel one of the rules had been broken, but you carry on playing without reporting to the judges, then you have no recourse.

12. Players should not voluntarily exploits bug or weaknesses in the game. Players should report any bug or exploit to judges or on the official forum when they discover them. Judges can decide to ban players using exploits from the tournament.

13. You can not attack opponent stack within the first 15 seconds. So all players have a chance to flee within first 15 seconds.

14. You can not capture opponent cities at the last 15 seconds. If you do, you cannot perform any action on them.

15. The match will played with the declaration rule, where you can hold battle on the opponents stack, and then he can not more move it. In pause, you can declare an attack. Note that you can only declare 1 minute after turn starts (so opponent has time to move before if he wants).
After declaring attack and discussing situation, game is then unpaused, and both sides can bring reinforcements. Declaring party must attack though.

16. If both sides have roughly 4 stacks or more to join battle, only 3 from each can be used. In 3v3 -stack battles, grace rule is used. This means that you cannot perform hostile actions against opponent units during first round of battle. This includes moving within 5 hexes of the opponent units.

Arbitration process
The main judge is Markymark and griffith.
Others judges are welcome.

If you have any questions, please contact the Support.