Tournament Multiplayer Turnier 2018

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~~~English Version below ~~~~

Um Doppelungen zu vermeiden, bitte liest die Regeln im Forum

Hier der Link dazu

Und bittet postet dort, damit wir wissen, wer ihr seid


To avoid duplication, please read the rules in the forum

Here is the link to it

And please post there so we know who you are

Rules in English

Invitation for all PBEM and MP enthusiastic players!
(also for those who still want to get excited about it)

If you want to join, just answer in this thread. (Tournament page does not exist yet)

One plays 2 Leader against another player with also 2 leaders
Player1-player2-player2 player1
The game is created so that both can pull in a row.


Small map
Random (no specified card)
Normal game speed
City states, barbarians
Difficulty Emperor
Victory modes all on


Min. Attendance: 8 players
we are aiming for 16 players

Registration open: https://www.the-battlefield.c...

 01.09 or 01.10 (depending on interest)

Tournament page: https://www.the-battlefield.c... BF account is required.

Price: the BF team donates 20 euros to the prize pool, who wants to participate in the prize donates later with the registration on the tournament page.
Attention: only those who have participated in the price, can also get a price
win, otherwise you win without prizes

War rule:
Explanation only possible with Casus Belli, denunciation is allowed.
Wars are limited to 20 rounds
In peacetime, no attack on neutral cities and city-states are possible.

In discussion
Both play the same combination because I say badly which combination is stronger or weaker.
But the game is actually too complex to properly assess it.

I propose the following combinations (RiseandFall and Standard, no other DLCs):
Chandragupta-India / Gandhi - India
Pericles - Greece / Gorgon - Greece
Qin Shihuangdi - China / Seondeok-Korea
Lautaro - Mapuche / Poundmaker - Cree
Friedrich - German / Katharina von Medicine - France
Mvemba - Congo / Shaka - Zulu
Gilgamesh - Sumerien / Tamar-Georgia
Harald Hardrade - Norway / Hojo Tokimune - Japan
Cleopetra - Aegyptia / Trajan - Rome
Peter II - Brazil / Philipp II - Spain
Robert I - Scotland / Saladin Arabia
Victoria - England / Roosevelt-America
Peter - Russia / Genghis Khan - cheating
Tomyris - Scythia / Wilhelmina - Netherlands

If you have any questions, please contact the Support.